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Gifted Children

By Mr. WEquil

Many parents have been talking to our leadership team about the issue of “Gifted” children. Our view is that labels like “Advanced Placement”, “Gifted”, “ADHD” , “Learning Disability” ... are all crude terms that may provide some insight about a child, but ultimately do not describe the uniqueness of any individual. These terms also imply that children are not in control of their success or failure in life. What really matters is helping children discover their unique gifts and cultivate the confidence to pursue their path of equilibrium.

WEquil.School is never going to have a “Advanced” class or other “Aptitude” placement because these designations do not exist in the real world. In the real world we succeed by using our unique gifts to help people. In that sense we are all “gifted” ... the challenge is finding out how and cultivating these gifts so we can become uniquely powerful and irreplaceable.

Labels are confusing to kids...and for good reason.

When our kids succeed and we say it’s because they are “smart” ... what happens when they struggle? What do they tell themselves?

How does their psychology change if we instead congratulate them by saying, “You worked hard and did not give up...and that is how you succeed!”

Children that believe their success or failure is the product of factors they can work ethic, kindness, and not giving up...are more likely to view success as something they can control. This mindset helps them take risks because they won‘t see the outcome as a judgment of who they are as a person.

Children that believe their success or failure is outside their cont