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The Biosphere is one of the four spheres - Geosphere (earth), Hydrosphere (water), Atmosphere (air), and Biosphere (life)- that make up our Earth. Giving us a planet for us to live on. Out of all the four spheres the Biosphere is the most important because it is the result of the other three spheres working together to create life. Today we will answer these three questions about the Biosphere. What is the Biosphere made of, why is it important, and how does the biosphere interact with the other spheres?

What is The Biosphere Made of? The Biosphere is all of the life on Earth from the microscopic water bear to the HUGE Pando (a forest that is all one organism) and there are some great things that we can learn from it! A good example of this would be herbs. We used herbs to create medicine and because of that we can live healthy lives. There is only one problem, The Biosphere is shrinking because of us cutting down trees and hunting animals to extinction. Some ways we can help stop animals from going extinct and forests being cut down are: Recycling so we don’t have to cut down more trees for paper, and obeying any laws that the government may put out to stop people from hunting animals to extinction.

Why is The Biosphere Important for our lives? If the Biosphere just disappeared. We would not exist. Because we are life, and the Biosphere is all the life on Earth, even if we were on Earth without the Biosphere there would be no food for us. No meat, fruits and veggies, and definitely no processed foods. Even if there was water we would have no chance of surviving! Because we also need food. Luckily even if the Biosphere did disappear the other three spheres would work together again to recreate life on Earth, but that would take millions to billions of years

How Does The Biosphere Interact With the Other Spheres? The Biosphere interacts with the other three spheres a lot. Some examples are eroding the Geosphere, releasing seeds into the wind of the Atmosphere, and making food from all of the other spheres! The Biosphere even interacts with itself! When we are eating food we are eating plants or/and animals! The Biosphere also takes the dead parts of it and decomposes them to give nutrients to the growing and still living plants and animals! The Biosphere is like one big recycling facility!

So what have we learned? We learned that The Biosphere is all of the life on Earth, we learned that if there was no Biosphere we would not exist because we are part of the Biosphere, and we learned that the biosphere interacts with all all of the spheres 24/7 including itself!!! I hope that you can now enjoy all of the things of the Biosphere. Look around your backyard and see what Biosphere related things you can find, and be sure to see my other articles on the other three spheres.

Question 1: The Biosphere is what?

Correct: All the life on Earth

Wrong: A water bear

Wrong: Pando

Wrong: Star Wars

Question 2: Could we survive without The Biosphere

Correct: No. We would not exist without a Biosphere because we are the Biosphere

Wrong: No. There would be no food for us to eat

Wrong: Yes. We would just have to eat meat only

Wrong: Yes. Elmo would bring us food everyday

Question 3: The Biosphere is like what?

Correct: One big recycling facility

Wrong: One big playground

Wrong: Walt Disney World

Wrong: A huge dump



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