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Updated: Jan 5, 2021

In this lesson you will learn about Australia. Australia is one of the seven continents and has a very big impact on the world. Australia is also the only continent that is a country governed by the same government. We can’t cover everything but we will share some key insights about Australia’s culture, its size, and some fun facts.

Australia has different cultures all over its continent. It has about 24 million people. About 61% of Australians are Christians, 2.5% are Buddihst, 2.2% are Muslims, and 1.3% are Hindu. There are also different kinds of food such as meat pies, pub chicken parmigiana, and fish and chips. Lastly, the main language people speak in Australia is English, however, over 200 different languages are spoken in Australia. This makes Australia a very diverse country.

Australia is 2.97 million square miles big. Australia is the smallest continent on earth. Australia is known for its desserts and unique animals and landscapes. It is surrounded by water completely. Australia is found to be in the southern hemisphere and is mostly warm. But sometimes temperatures there can be very dry and sometimes very subtropical.

Here are some other fun facts about Australia. Australia has only one country. Australia’s seasons are reversed so winter is warm and summer is cold. The largest desert is the Great Victoria Desert. Australia is the world's largest island. Australia has pretty much the lowest population density in the world. Australia has eight states.

Thank you for reading my post about Australia. The things that I told you about today are about the culture in Australia, how big Australia is, and fun facts about how Australia is different from the rest of the continents in the world. I hope you found this article helpful and I hope you have a great day.

How many languages are spoken in Australia?

  1. More than 300

  2. Less than 100

  3. Over 200

  4. 50

How big is Australia compared to the other continents?

  1. Australia is the largest continent

  2. It is the second smallest continent

  3. Australia is the smallest continent

  4. Compared to the other continents it is the biggest

What is the largest desert in Australia?

  1. Simpson Desert

  2. Gibson Desert

  3. Great Victoria Desert

  4. Little Sandy Desert



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