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The Campaigner ENFP

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

By Sumay and Antigone

Today I will talk about the personality type ENFP, also known as the Campaigner. ENFP represents Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Prospecting. If you would like to know your own personality type, go to and take the test. The three main topics I will cover are: the general characteristics of ENFPs, their strengths and weaknesses, and what ENFPs are like as friends. Some examples of famous Campaigners are Robert Downey Jr, Kelly Clarkson, and Will Smith.

Campaigners are independent, energetic, and compassionate. As 7% of the population, Campaigners are the most likely to be entrepreneurs and despise being micromanaged, which can make school and 9-5 workplaces a challenge. While Campaigners have extremely driven personalities and are always trying to help a cause, they also know how to relax and have fun. Campaigners often have little patience with boring roles and feel most valued when they are creative and innovative.

Campaigners are curious, observant, energetic and enthusiastic, excellent communicators, know how to relax, and are very popular and friendly. These make campaigners leaders and allow them to make friends with almost everybody. Here are the weaknesses of campaigners. They have poor practical skills, find it difficult to focus, overthink things, get stressed easily, highly emotional, and are independent to a fault. Campaigners are highly emotional and can sense other people’s emotions very accurately but often overthink the implications of them.

Campaigners often have a large circle of friends. Outgoing personality types will tend to gravitate towards Campaigners, but Campaigners often try and get to know more people with more reserved personality types. Sometimes Campaigners can think too highly of their friends and give them unrealistic expectations and are surprised when they realize that their friends aren’t as perfect as they thought they were. When it comes to friends, Campaigners go to great lengths to be supportive and often forget to take care of themselves. Often Campaigners end up giving so much to their friends and don’t receive nearly as much back. Campaigners usually struggle to sustain so much one sided generosity, and need balance to keep giving for long stretches of time. Unfortunately this can cause resentment on both sides. Campaigners are very sincere in their friendships and enjoy most everybody’s company.

Comprising of 7% of the population, ENFPs are truly the life of the party. They are loyal friends but if the relationship doesn’t have a balance of give and take, things often go downhill. They despise being micromanaged and want to follow their own interests with passion and drive. It is important to learn about the different personality types to learn about other people and yourself. It will give you a better understanding about people, allowing you to forge better relationships, and expand your perspectives. I hope you enjoyed reading this article about Campaigners!


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