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Know Thyself Project

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

By WEquil.School Leadership Team

The mission of WEquil is to reach equilibrium, the point where your natural strengths and interests are aligned with the wants and needs of the world. We recommend this project as a first step toward getting to your equilibrium. To reach equilibrium you need to learn about yourself. A great way to start is to write about who you are, and discovering hints as to how you are uniquely positioned to add value to the world. In this article I will be talking about how to start learning about yourself, create a project, and how to personalize your personality project in a way that is unique to you.

Many people use personality tests to learn about themselves, but what is the best way to use tools such as personality tests? We recommend taking some tests, but that's not the purpose of this project. As Antigone Stark, points out in another personality project...there are good reasons to be skeptical of personality types and tests like the Myers-Briggs. The best way to use these tools isn’t just to take the test, get your results, and then decide that you are that personality type. Most of the value that comes from personality tests is reading the questions and thinking deeply about them.

My First Personality Test... Steps:

  1. Personality Tests

  2. Friends and Family Interviews

  3. Self-Reflection

  4. Socialize and Improve

  5. Demonstrate

1. Personality Tests