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Ethan’s Raccoon Adventure

By Ethan S. In Florida with help from Mr WEquil.

Hello World! My name is Ethan and I’m going to tell you a story about my trip to the Everglades.

My family went to the Everglades last month for vacation. It was my favorite vacation ever! I learned a lot about animals that live there like huge snakes called Pythons.

Near the end of our trip we found a raccoon. You may think that’s no big deal...there are raccoons everywhere right?

Actually no!

Raccoons used to be all over the Everglades, but now they are scarce. That means very few are left. The reason is that Pythons have eaten so many that it’s really hard to find any left.

You can watch this video of a Python eating a raccoon. I didn’t film it, but it’s pretty awesome...although maybe no appropriate for some younger kids.

Thank you Mr WEquil for helping me create my first WEquil.School project. It’s a LifeSchool because I used a life experience outside of my formal schooling to create a learning opportunity.





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