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Class 5 Notes: Java Coding Class

Hi everyone! Here are the class 5 notes, explaining everything that we did in the 4th class. A quick disclaimer though: A lot of the things we covered in class 5 are related to the execute command. In my Class 4 Notes Extra article I explain everything about the execute command, but we learned a good chunk of it in this class because none of the students read it. If you want to know more about the execute command, go read my article here: Java Coding Class 4 notes: Extra

For this reason, in this article, we will just be covering the advancements command.

The advancements command allows you to give or take away any advancement from any player. It is pretty straightforward: in Minecraft, achievements are sorted into five different categories: adventure, nether, end, and husbandry (farming)

If you want to find a an achievement, you have to first find the catagory of achievement it is in. After you have done that, you can run the command:

/advancement (grant/revoke) (selector) (catagory)/(achievement)

Now you have learned everything on the advancement command. I hope you learned something, and see you next class!



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