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Bats: Misunderstood Creatures

Bats: Misunderstood Creatures

By: Andrew Meier

Many people think bats are horrifying, blood-sucking monsters, but those people are totally wrong! Bats don’t suck blood, they help the environment, and they are not ugly or mean!

Read on to find out more!

Almost everyone thinks bats are dirty, ugly, upside-down all the time,

and give you rabies and other diseases. People think bats are spooky and mean and will swarm and bite you any time. But people couldn’t be more wrong!!

Bats don’t suck blood! Well, most of them don’t. Only 3 species of bat in the whole world drink blood, and they only drink cow's blood. Most bats eat fruit, bugs(mostly mosquitoes), and fish! One bat can eat 3,000 insects in a single night! That saves a lot of mosquito bites, which is good for you, and also saves on bug spray and pesticides, which is good for the environment.

The environment is amazing because of bats! Bats are pollinators which help the environment. Even bat poop is awesome! bat poop is called guano. It is good because it has nutrients to help plants grow, so it is a natural fertilizer. And In the olden days it was used for gunpowder. When bats poop they poop out the seeds of the fruit they eat and the seeds grow into the forests we love today.

Some of them are actually beautiful!!

So are bats what you thought they were, or did this article change your mind about them? Either way I like it! I hope you liked my article.


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