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About Me Project - Sumay

Hello WEquil.School! Mr WEquil and I wrote an "About Me" project this morning live on WEquil.Live in 10 minutes to show everyone how easy and fun it can be to use the Deep Learning process in our learning community!

The first project that new members do is all about you. We love this project because it is a great way to share with new friends and learn about yourself. Today I am writing my About Me project to share a few things about myself.

The first question was “What are your strengths?” I would say I have many characteristics that play out in good and bad ways depending on the situation, but a characteristic that pretty much always turns out positively is that I will push myself to be better at things. This comes up especially when I know I struggle at something, and I also know that having it as a skill would be extremely beneficial.

The next question is “What qualities do you look for in a friend?” The qualities I look for mostly come from what will make it so that I can spend a lot of time with them without getting bored, will help me grow on myself, and help me develop a better understanding of the world. So I would say one of the main things I look for in a friend is that I can talk to them about complex and interesting concepts and ideas.

The last question I will answer in this article about me is “When was a time that you laughed really hard?” My sense of humor is very sarcastic and I also really like creating visual representations of humor. One way I did this is with my sister where we edited pictures of blobfish onto each other's faces in photos. This made me laugh really hard because then we started complimenting each other's photos and saying how beautiful we looked when there was a blobfish edited onto our face.

I think that the About Me project is a really useful way to quickly get to know people. Especially because you are using writing to help you think and share with others. These were three things about me that I hope others will find useful in getting to know a little bit about me. I look forward to reading others About Me projects so we can find fun ways to collaborate.

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