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WEquilCraft Analyst House

The WEquilCraft Analyst house shares the traits that I will be outlining within this article. The most defining trait is that members within the Analyst house are conceptual thinkers that value rationality. This causes Analysts to enjoy exploring many different topics in extreme depth, and value coming up with creative solutions for the root of important problems. The downside of this is that sometimes they will have trouble actually getting down to work and making those solutions and ideas a reality.

Analyst types have a streak of independence and use their intellectual minds to question everything that comes their way. This often leads to going down the road less traveled and they may end up as "lone wolves" preferring to spend time alone than with someone that doesn't engage in mentally stimulating conversations. This doesn't mean they are antisocial, they just are highly socially selective.

This project is open to any edits from members within the Analyst House that think this description could be improved.

Analyst Crest (Subject to Change):


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