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Know Thyself - Project Examples

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Published ahead of the WEquil Saturday Oct 9th Demo Day on this topic.

This week's theme for WEquil.School is all about understanding who we are and appreciating the uniqueness of individuals! Here are several example Creative Projects published by @Sumay (INTJ/INFJ-A, Growth Seeker) and @Aila (ESFP) with help from @Mr WEquil to help give you some inspiration! We are ready to help you come up with a great project tailored to your unique strengths and interests. Just reach out and ask!

1. How to plan a mother's day ... (the key is to know what she wants!)

2. How to listen better ... Know your audience is different from you :)

3. Heart Map ... Share all the things you like in a map shaped like a heart!

4. Deep relationships ... One key is shared deep (meaningful) interests

5. No better burden to carry ... (Don't wish you had other people's problems)

6. Specific Knowledge ... Grow your unique self to become irreplaceable

7. Mindcraft ... A mental game inspired by MineCraft but is even more creative

8. Love ... there are so many ways to care about others.

Students that publish projects before our Thursday 5pm MVP Meetup are eligible to present at the public Demo Day! Reach out to our leadership team if you need help coming up with a project idea!



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