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Real World Work Experience

Our current education system fails to provide young people with real world work experience. At WEquil Academy, everything our students learn is for the purpose of sharing it with others and adding value to the world.

Why Wait?

get real work experience through adding value to the world

Present Your Work

Creating value is only half the battle. When doing something real you also need to know how to communicate your work and yourself to others. At WEquil Academy students practice public speaking and communication every week!

Share with the world

Adults don't get grades. In the real world it's hard to know if what you've created is valuable or not. This is why students at WEquil Academy share their creations with the world to get feedback.

Iterate and Improve

Meaningful creations are never done or perfect. We believe one of the most critical skills to learn is how to iterate and improve upon your work and evaluate when to move on to something new.

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Middle School

Ages: 10-12
Price: TBD

What is provided?
Students can come to our physical location in Falls Church every Monday-Friday from 9am to 5:00pm.

How does it work?
Each week students come up with a project idea based on their strengths, interests and passions. Throughout the week they work on it either outside or during academy hours. On Friday students present their projects to academy peers, parents and professionals.

High School

Ages: 13-18
Price: TBD

What is provided?
Students can come to our physical location in Falls Church every Monday-Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

How does it work?
Students set an ambitious goal aligning with their interests. To achieve their goal our facilitators help members build a detailed roadmap which involves weekly presentations. These presentations aid during college applications demonstrating real world work experience and initiative.

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Wall of ideas

Learning By Doing

Through applying knowledge students learn...

Digital Intelligence

Students have a constructive goal and therefore learn to use technology constructively to create instead of consuming content.

College Admission Support

Projects created at WEquil Academy greatly support college applications by showcasing student initiative. Students also learn how to communicate themselves and their strengths.

Creative Problem Solving

Through applying knowledge students learn how to create novel and useful value building creative problem solving skills!

Exposure to New Ideas

Our curriculum is an ever growing and adapting network of resources, projects and communities created by students, parents and teachers on our platform introducing new ideas and topics!


Rebecca Ferree

Founder of Wired Differently

Rebecca is a former public school teacher and mother who specializes in helping families and educators support neurodivergent children. Her focus is supporting Middle School students at WEquil Academy understand themselves and offers Spanish classes and field trips!


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