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Upcoming Demo Days!

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Three Steps...

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  2. Find three presenters and a moderator

  3. Set a date and share with friends!

Past Demo Days!


Genomics is an emerging technology that allows us to sequence and even edit our genes! Students talk about how it works, risks, how it has been curing genetic diseases and more!

Personality Types

At this week's demo day, students talk about their personality types, comparing personality types, whether or not personality tests work, and more!

Music Composition

At this week's demo day, students present their song that they've composed and discuss with our Guest Speaker James Fernando.

App Building

At this week's demo day, students present the apps that they've built in flutter, a programming language developed by Google.


At WEquil School we teach students history so they can better understand the world today. In this demo day, students present their projects on history and how it is relevant in their lives.

3D Printing

3D Printing is a new emerging technology that is revolutionizing the way we think about manufacturing. This will be a part of the future economics and WEquil School members should be educated about it.


Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior. We have Dr.Bergman from Harvard Medical School to talk to our students about Psychology and how we can use it to improve our lives.


Economics is the study of people and choices and is used for a lot more than just stocks, charts and money. Our students present projects on everything from what economics is to what policies to implament.

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