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Demo Day

What is Demo Day?

Demo Day is a term borrowed from Y Combinator, the most successful startup incubator in the world. Demo Day at Y Combinator is an event where startups in their accelerator program pitch their company to investors and others. At WEquil School, Demo Day is a weekly event where all students have the opportunity to present their projects to others.


Teaching As A Way to Learn

The best way to learn, is to teach. Teaching forces you to break down your understanding of a subject and explain it simply from the ground up. This develops a thorough understanding of the subject along with helping others learn as well.

Adding Value To the Real World

By presenting to real people outside your friends and family at Demo Day you are adding value to the real world. Not only that but audience participants contribute feedback that can let you know whether you have truly created something of value. This is what WEquil School does instead of using grades.


Public Speaking Skills

A huge part of Demo Day is the skill of public speaking and presenting your work in a professional environment. Students learn how to deal with technical challenges, speaking in front of others, how to create and prepare for a presentation and handling a dynamic environment all in a safe space.

How to Join?

Anyone may participate in the audience to watch the presentations and give feedback. Young people who have created a project may publish it on WEquil App and submit it through our Google Form! To join Demo Day, join the Demo Day room on WEquil App and you can find the Zoom Meeting link in the events tab. Before each Demo Day, please fill out our attendance Google Form so we can know you're coming.

Check Out Some Of Our Past Demo Days!

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