Teacher and Kids in Library

What We Provide


Members of WEquil School have access to our morning classes every Monday-Thursday at 9:00 AM EST to brainstorm project ideas, collaborate with others and get help on projects!

Project-Based Learning

Everything learned through our accelerator program will be demonstrated through creative projects. Projects are published on WEquil.App to build members digital resume.

Private Demo

Every week WEquil.School hosts two private demos for students to showcase their projects and learn skills such as public speaking, iterating on their projects with feedback, and more!


  • Every Monday - Thursday at 9:00 AM

  • Brainstorm project ideas

  • Get feedback from others

  • Collaborate with other kids

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Our Team

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Lead Instructor at WEquil School


Sumay McPhail

Co-Founder of WEquil School

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Aila McPhail

CEO of WEquil School


Joseph McPhail

Co-Founder of WEquil School