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WEquil Live

WEquil Live is a TV Show that is live streamed every Monday through Thursday at 8:00 AM EST on YouTube. Members of our community discuss a wide variety of topics that they believe will be beneficial to other members.



Demo Day Theme

On Monday's we discuss the  Demo Day theme for the week and project ideas


10 Minute Articles

One Tuesdays we write a five paragraph framework article live in 10 minutes.


Why Wednesday


Philosophical discussions on anything, asking the question "why" to learn more


Opportunities and Initiatives

On Thursdays we discuss opportunities and initiatives within WEquil Group.

How can I be on WEquil Live?

Members of our community can join WEquil Live by submitting a form that includes why they want to be on WEquil Live, and a five paragraph article with the points they want to cover.

Why should I be on WEquil Live?

Wequil Live is a great opportunity to build on three key skills and resources listed below...public speaking, digital intelligence, and digital capital. It is also a safe space for youth members to fail as we can always delete episodes and use mistakes as learning opportunities when consequences aren't as high.

Public Speaking

WEquil Live helps youth and adult members develop their public speaking skills by allowing them to share their insights to others.

Digital Intelligence

Giving youth members the opportunity to be on WEquil Live allows them to build Digital Intelligence.

Digital Capital

Youth and Adult members can build their Digital Capital and influence through participating in WEquil Live and growing their online presence.

How can I support WEquil Live?

You can support WEquil Live by subscribing to the WEquil YouTube channel and notifying members of the resource if you believe it will be helpful to them.