Our app addresses big challenges with traditional schools by letting kids teach each other, solve problems not tools, create not regurgitate, understand not memorize, and learn to follow unique passions not a standardized curriculum. We believe these principles are fundamental to empowering young people to learn to love learning so education becomes fun instead of a chore.

How it Works

We employ a Creative Learning Process where kids can learn to cultivate their interest in the world by exposing them to new ideas and empowering them to share what they have learned with each other.


Kids begin by learning from lessons created by other kids, but graduate to tutors and teachers by writing their own lessons and creating videos to share with others.

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Safe and Secure

Lessons created by kids are required to go through a rigorous review process where it is first reviewed by adults employed by WEquil School.


Lessons are then reviewed by student teachers who have graduated through our program and provide feedback before accepting or sending back for revisions.

At WEquil School we strive for quality. We want to provide the best, user friendly, and safe platform for kids to use.

Here you can meet our team, and who we are as an organization!

Example Lessons