Our Team

WEquil School is building a app to scale our unique approach. Meet our team and consider joining.

We are hiring Flutter programmers, EdTech specialists, and legal experts to grow our success.

Apply by emailing us at joe@WEquil.com

Sumay is Co-Founder and CEO of WEquil School. She is directing the development, content, and marketing of the WEquil App.

Lihong is a senior advisor to WEquil School. She is also a member of the Board of Directors.

Aila is Co-Founder and Head Of Outreach for WEquil School. She works with users to create content and improve the learning power of the app.

Joe is the founder of WEquil Group. He is passionate about help all people channel their unique strengths to add value to the world.

Wei is the Chief Technology Officer of WEquil and is helping lead the development of the WEquil App.

Austin is a senior consultant for WEquil School. He and his wife Amy inspired the LifeSchool Classroom.

Seth is a Mentor at WEquil School and helps edit projects.

Antigone is our project manager. She is designing new classrooms so our students can explore new interests.

Gene is helping with the development of the app and webapp.