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WEquil School Program

Welcome to the WEquil School Program! Here we help families leverage technology and our learning philosophy to find personalized success. This is a four week program where our Learning Coaches guide you through how to follow our self-directed, project-based learning process. Let’s walk you through how this works and what you will learn throughout our program.

Why Choose WEquil School?

Connect through local and online communities around your interests and individual needs.


Leverage technology to document your learning, create, connect and find personalized success.


Equip young people with skills for the future such as collaboration and learning how to learn.

Skills for the Future

Build a deep understanding, increased retention and engagement through application.

Project-Based Learning

Our process adapts to each individual's strengths, interests and passions.


Young people build confidence through doing something real and seeing the positive impact.


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Program Overview

Upon Completion

Upon completion of the WEquil School Program and paying our annual Membership Fee you will become a WEquil Member. This comes with many benefits along with access to the WEquil Community outlined here:

  1. WEquil Community: The WEquil Community is an exclusive community for those that have gone through our membership program. This ensures all of our members have a solid understanding of our philosophy and Universal Principles.

  2. WEquil Sponsored Communities: WEquil Sponsored Communities are exclusive communities for WEquil Members. These are all based in our learning philosophy and are endorsed by the WEquil Leadership ensuring quality. WEquil Members are also able to create WEquil Sponsored Communities by following our process.

  3. Demo Day: All WEquil Members can join Demo Day hosted by the WEquil Community.

Sign Up

Enroll through the “Sign Up” tab in the WEquil School Room. You can enroll in the four week program in two parts.

Step One

Fill out this Google Form

Step Two

Sign up through the Room

Step Three

Notify our team when to start

Step Four

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