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Learning Levels and Virtual Classrooms

Level 0 - Core


WEquil.School students begin by learning about core foundational skills such as reading, writing, and mathematics so that they have the tools to create projects that add value to others.

Level 2 - Discover


WEquil.School students are encouraged to demonstrate their curiosity by creating projects that expand their interests into more challenging subjects like STEM, economics, psychology, and more! 

Level 4 - Teach

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WEquil.School students are all teachers, demonstrating their projects upon entry. Once students develop sufficient competence they are encouraged to teach others. Our students learn that teaching as a tool for learning, developing confidence, and building relationships.

Level 6 - Launch

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WEquil.School students are encouraged to turn their best projects into business ideas that uniquely leverage their strengths and interests into value propositions that can generate income.

Level 1 - Create

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Members create and collaborate on projects inspired by life events and challenges. Projects can include vacations, overcoming struggles, favorite family activities, stories from your life that you don't want to forget, turning the mundane into exciting, and much more! 

Level 3 - Code

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WEquil.School students all learn to code, and cultivate a high digital intelligence. Learning to program is a powerful way to teach kids mathematics, logic, design, planning, perseverance, and allows them to scale their imaginations.

Level 5 - Publish

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WEquil.School students are learning and partnering with scholars, academics, and innovators. Our Fellowship program provides collaboration opportunities that help both our students and professionals. 

Level 7 - Graduate

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WEquil.School students that feel they have passed all six levels are welcome to organize a committee of peers, Community Leaders, and Fellows and give an oral defense of their preparedness for graduation. We then help our students get a job or pursue higher education.

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