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I'm papa to 2 teen boys, Oscar and Angus. My partner Helen and I have tried many different schools - private, public, Montessori, and most recently unschooling - that fits our values.

We are "80 percent unschooling". At our kids age, we let them decide their own education. That includes doing a lot of "nothing" (ie. parents can't see the value of what they're doing). Angus chose to go to public high school and does a few online classes.. Oscar mostly teaches himself at home mostly alone, and is enrolled in a local film and game design school. They both have a lot of unstructured family time with us.

I am mostly retired, but still sometimes design software experiences with startups and invent things myself.

I am here to find like-minded parents and give the boys a new diverse community of caring peers and adults.

Josh Whitkin

Josh Whitkin

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