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Writing MasterClass ... by Mr WEquil

WEquil Group is about helping people find success to doing what they love. For me...that's writing. A lot of successful people might say that becoming a "Writer" is a risky path to success. Selling books is really hard. For every J.K. Rowling there are a million people who tried and failed to get a blog off the ground or make a living as an author or journalist. For me that isn't the goal of writing. For me...writing is how I learn something forever and cultivate relationships around shared deep interests.

Right now you are reading this because you have an interest in writing. I am writing this because I want to know who you. People that love writing are some of my favorite people because they tend to be curious and creative. They also tend to be confident because it's not easy sharing creations with world...especially when there are so many people trying to "make it" as "writers". So the people that do tend to keep writing are passion driven. Passionate people are the ones I hope join WEquil.School ... because their energy is contagious and I want that for my kids and all the families we collaborate with on projects.

My love for learning started my Freshman year at Iowa State University's Economics Department. The study of economics fascinated me so much that I started teaching most everyone in my dorm. Professor Brent Kreider who taught my Econ 101 course found out and offered me a job to teach with the graduate students. By my senior year I was managing the Help Room and teaching new graduates how to teach Econ 101. After graduation I kept working with students at ISU on various academic research projects and publications...because it was fun!


To prepare, I would synthesize what I was learning into my own words. Then I would make the language as a short and simple as possible. After teaching the material I had synthesized to a few classmates the content became part of me ... deeply internalized in my mind.

The only thing that I think I love more than writing is helping kids love writing. I have been teaching a free writing class for everyone at WEquil. Please let us know if you are interested!

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