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What 3D Printing Could Become

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

By: Sumay McPhail

Hello! In this post you will be learning about three different uses of 3D printing that could start to take off in the future! In previous posts I discussed what 3D printing is, and uses of it today! Make sure to check out my earlier posts if you haven’t, hope you enjoy!

One of the things 3D printing is starting to be used for is biological and scientific applications. The reason why is because 3D printers are now able to print human tissues! Companies are experimenting with 3D printing space food for astronauts going into space. Many professional engineers and scientists are working together to find out different ways we can use 3D printing to transform this sector of research and innovation. The result will probably expand the medical, aerospace, and military applications.

Another thing that is starting to take off in 3D printing is architecture and construction. There are many steps to completing a structure that can be simplified with 3D printing. Traditional architecture designs are typically 2D blueprints that architects have to plan out. But with 3D printing you are able to plan on a computer in 3D, and print in 3D. Buildings can be nearly perfectly replicated. You can also easily make changes just by changing the design. You can now make a house with a 3D printer in 24 hours for just $4,000! There are many different companies with huge 3D printers made to build different houses in a lot less time compared to how other houses are made. Also, there is nothing to be scrapped after 3D printing a house making it also more environmentally healthy.

Education has also started to be more enhanced with 3D Printers. Schools are starting to teach 3D printing to get children more familiar with making hardware. However, there is some debate if it is really necessary to add this to the regular curriculum. Kids are learning to code and create using software that can speak to the printers. This allows kids to not only design, but physically create and share.

Thank you for reading about what 3D printing is starting to affect in today's world! 3D printing is not only a new way of doing things that some Industries are starting to use. But it could very well revolutionize the whole way we think about manufacturing. After the Industrial Revolution we’ve always had things go in a line to get things done, but 3D printing might turn the tide to have things go back to the way things used to be!


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