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WEquilCraft Terms of Use

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

Wequil School created WequilCraft so we can all have fun experiences together building structures and writing out commands that make our Minecraft lives easier. We want WequilCraft to be as safe and sound as possible. Okay maybe not sound because there will probably be some explosions but definitely safe! So to make WequilCraft that, we came up with some rules and regulations to make sure that it is truly safe for everyone

#1 While WequilCraft is fun we don’t want it conflicting with every student's project and class time. So WequillCraft should only be played during classes that use it and after 4 pm local time. This will make sure that every student has time to make projects and join the available classes.

#2 Because we want WequilCraft as safe as possible we want to make sure any person who gets on should feel safe. So we don’t want anyone to use the given operating permissions to hurt anyone's feelings. We have trusted you with them and we don’t want anyone crying because someone blew up their building with exploding snowballs.

#3 Once again because we want everyone who joins WequilCraft to be safe we also want them to feel safe so for this reason we advise you to please not alter your identity when chatting with someone. We don’t want anyone pretending to be a famous Youtuber and making others do their dirty bullying work.

#4 We would like it if no one used teleporting commands on other people without their permission. It could mess up what they were doing and it takes forever to find where you were. Even with the waystones

#5 If you notice anyone breaking the rules we have set in place we would appreciate it if you could report it to BAD Ronin, Joe, and Sumay soon as possible. This is not a rule but a very important suggestion. We want to know if anyone has done anything so we can talk to them about what they did and change our rules accordingly. If anyone breaks these rules their parents will be alerted to what they did and they will lose access to the server until they get approval from their parents, BAD Ronin, Sumay, and Joe that they can come back on the server and they write an article that relates to what they did. They do not have to mention the reason they are writing the article. Theyjust need to show that they understand what they did and what they learned from it.

We would appreciate it if all players of WequilCraft could follow these rules so that everyone can be safe and happy. We want everyone to have a good experience so we can keep this server running and continue to host a creative space where Minecraft players can work together to make amazing things



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