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WEquilCraft Sentinel House

The WEquilCraft Sentinel house shares the traits that I will be outlining within this article. The most defining traits within this house is practicality and planning. Sentinels like things to be stable and consistent and will work hard to keep things this way. They value competency and carrying things out as planned. This makes them very organized, but sometimes this can result in things being a little too strict without any wiggle room. Sentinels are very self motivated, and pride themselves in steadily improving upon precedent. Sentinel types value strong relationships and are very confident in their ability to carry out ideas and make them happen. This allows them to produce high quality work that many cannot compete with. They are very driven and motivated by their own understanding of their abilities.

This project is open to any edits from members within the Sentinel House that think this description could be improved.

Sentinel Crest (Subject to Change):


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