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WEquilCraft Explorer House

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

The WEquilCraft Explorer house shares the traits that I will be outlining within this article. The most defining traits within this house is detail oriented thinking and going with the flow witch means being flexible. Explorer personality types are most comfortable handling things on the fly. They enjoy living in the moment and just going and doing things. Just talking about potential ideas and solutions doesn't seem very useful to Explorers, they would rather jump in and start trying things. Being so adaptive comes with the downside of obligations and repetitive tasks that require consistency.

Explorer types like trying to things, and trying them spontaneously. This means hanging out with an Explorer is never boring or repetitive. They have a hard time getting into something unless it is some sort of challenge, but once they find something they love to do, they will be relentless in making it the best it can be. This project is open to any edits from members within the Explorer House that think this description could be improved.


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