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WEquilCraft Diplomat House

The WEquilCraft Diplomat house shares the traits that I will be outlining within this article. Diplomat's love connection on a deep level, and crave authenticity within their relationships. They are very empathetic, kind, and generous and highly value these traits. The most defining traits are empathy, and conceptual thinking. This leads Diplomats to have many big ideas on how to make the world a better and harmonious place.

Diplomat types have little tolerance for injustice, and will stand up for what they believe is right and fair. With friends and family Diplomats are extremely caring and generous with giving their time and compassion. This leaves them vulnerable to people who don't reciprocate, and this can deeply hurt Diplomats. This project is open to any edits from members within the Diplomat House that think this description could be improved.

Diplomat Crest (Subject to Change):


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