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WEquil Wands

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

WEquil Wands is a startup that I created to sell the wands i have made to the neighborhood. Each wand is 10$ and there are four versions. To order a wand, please go to my website called WEquil Wands! The wands we sell are not only affordable but you can also have them delivered to your house at your leisure!

When you are ordering your wand, you fill out the order form and then once you submit the form I will get it and deliver it to your house! These wands are great for kids and HarryPotter fans as presents and toys!

To learn more, please check out this video:

Here are the four versions:

Version 1: This wand is made of Hawthorn wood which is well suited for curses and healing magic, and core is a Dragon heart string.

Version 2: Number 2 is a powerful wand made of Apple wood though is unsuited for dark magic. For the core this wand contains a Veela hair.

Version 3: This wand uses the wood vine which often chooses owners who want to achieve something out of the ordinary (This wand wood was also used for Hermione Granger's wand). Wand three core is a unicorn tail hair.

Version 4: Number 4 uses the wand wood Willow, which have exceptional healing spells and often chooses wizards and witches who are unsure of themselves in some way (This wand wood was used for Ron Weasley's wand!). This wand also contains a Thestral tail hair!

To see the pictures for these wands, go to the WEquil Wands website!



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