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WEquil.School Onboarding

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Thank you for joining WEquil.School!

Our goal is to help you build the skills necessary to become self-directed in your learning and thrive in the future economy. The approach we follow is highly personalized to each individual and their strengths, interests and passions. Here are the first steps you should take so we can better help you on your education journey.

Step 1 - Start your first project!

We recommend helping your student write an "About Me" as their very first project. Your student's About Me project will be their introduction to other families on Demo Day and Clubs they join. They can change it anytime ... we encourage students to update this project periodically as they grow at WEquil.School.

To start, open our "About Me Project Template" and make a copy and follow the directions inside this Google Doc.

This document will also serve as your student's "Curriculum" which we build together during our classes inside your Learning Pod. WEquil.School helps you build customized curriculums that build on your student's unique needs, strengths and interests.

Step 2 - Create a Learning Pod

Parents can create a private “Learning Pod” (a.k.a. Room) on WEquil.App to help facilitate their student’s progress. These rooms are controlled by the parent and make it easier for us to communicate via the discussion board and “Events” such as WEquil.School classes and Demo Days.

You can create your pod from the web at

You can also download our mobile app from the Play Store or App Store. Simply search for “WEquil App” and let us know if you have any trouble.

Here is video explaining how to set up your Learning Pod.

Step 3 - Schedule your first class

WEquil.School does not have traditional classes. Instead, we have sessions on Monday or Tuesday to help students come up with a project idea for the week!

Your student's first class will focus on their "About Me" project. We will help them using the methods explained in our featured blog posts at WEquil.School. Once they are done you can upload their project to your Learning Pod for Demo Day.

During this class we will also introduce you to our Weekly Process. This process looks just like your first week with a class followed by Demo Day!

Step 4 - Your first Demo Day

Demo Day is every Friday. We will schedule a time on Friday that works for you during our first class. You launch your Demo Day from the Events tab inside your Learning Pod.

Demo Day should be fun and engaging! Our goal during your student's first Demo Day is to help them feel great about presenting themselves. Sometimes Demo Day can feel a bit intimidating which is why we recommend new students present only to their parents and their WEquil.School Learning Coaches.

When parents and students are comfortable they can join other students at WEquil.School to share their projects! You can also watch our founders share their projects on Demo Day at 9am Eastern! We have a whole playlist, but here is just one example...

Step 5 - Build your curriculum

At WEquil.School we turn learning into a process of creation. We do this by turning learning objectives into "Creative Projects" that are novel and useful. We provide a TON of resources on how to do this include over a thousand projects to peruse at WEquil.School, WEquil.App, and on our YouTube channels.

Three of our best blog posts on how to build your project based learning curriculum include:

Projects are anything that is novel and useful. This can include articles, videos, classes, coding games, writing stories, showing how to make crafts and more! You can see a bunch of project examples here:

Some of our favorites include:

We also facilitate a number of Clubs and Rooms on WEquil.App that help students explore their interests. Project ideas are often born out of these Clubs and Rooms.

At the end of the day, what matters most is their your student loves learning. We will do our best to help the best way we know how. For us that means personalizing your students education to their strengths and interests ... and helping them use their gifts to do real things to prepare for the real world.


WEquil Family

Reach out to, or through our website at to let us know your availability and we will get back to you as soon as possible!



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