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WEquil App Development Workflow


The purpose of this document is to outline the workflow for app development at WEquil. WEquil’s app development process is a bit different from traditional app development in that developers will be entrepreneurs and be their own leaders instead of having 1 person in charge of creating and assigning tasks. Developers will communicate with WEquil parents and will be responsible for identifying what features parents want in our WEquilSchool app. WEquil developers will come up with a game plan for that specific feature/task and then share this game plan with the rest of the development team to receive feedback and finalize this game plan before moving forward.


  1. 1x a week grooming session led by Wei or any technical lead to discuss and estimate tasks/game-plan as a team to get an idea of the effort required to implement the task/game-plan.

  2. Tasks should be estimated in order of priority (highest to lowest)

  3. Owners should be assigned to highest priority tasks based on bandwidth.

  4. Anybody can add sub-tasks or new tasks. Large tasks should be broken down into clear sub-tasks.

  5. Tasks should have relevant details and resources linked so that other people can pick up the task if needed.

The idea behind this is that tasks should have an owner so that we have a clear direction and we know what everyone else is working on. We keep tasks updated with resources to help other teammates understand the task if they want to know more about what you're working on or need to pick up the task. Please feel free to ping me if you have any questions.

Trello Information for Devs

Under the"Task" block, there will be details on what feature a developer wants to implement. You can assign priority to that task with the following color code:

  • High Priority

  • Medium Priority

  • Low Priority

Each task card will have an owner. Please assign yourself to your own task that you will be implementing. The developer who is the owner will be responsible for that feature implementation. In addition, within each card, provide details and resources that you might need in order to complete that task so that when the team needs to discuss, we will have all the details we need.


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