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WEquil Vision 2022

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

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It's been quite a journey building out our global learning community in 2021, in this article we will be describing the vision and the main initiatives within WEquil Group. If you would like, Joe McPhail and I did a livestream going through everything that you can view here:


The first initiative is WEquil.App. WEquil.App is the Flutter webapp we are building out to scale our project-based, self-directed learning approach within WEquil.School. This will allow people to create projects, get certifications, create classes, apps, rooms, and more all within one app!

WEquil School Initiatives

WEquil.School has multiple classes being built out lead by student-members including Flutter, Python, Scratch, History, Economics and more! Learn more at

The five pillars of intelligence are Creative, Intellectual, Emotional, Digital and Practical. Each pillar will have a diploma that will be given to students after they have created enough projects and demonstrations to show that they have the skill. What diploma's are given out they link to all of the projects and demonstrations that provide proof of competency.

Learn more about the Five Pillars of Intelligence:

The Accelerator Program is a service WEquil.School provides to help young people get their Creative Intelligence degree by publishing an article every week and demonstrating it. We also provide personalized coaching, and accessibility to all classes at WEquil.School including Flutter, Python, Scratch, Writing, and more!

This program will be starting January 10th which you can sign up for at

There are also many opportunities within WEquil.School relating to Games and the Metaverse including:

And more!

The WEquilCraft server is provided by YouTuber BADRonin

WEquil.School is also starting a new YouTube series to help kids with project based learning and to gain the five pillars of intelligence! Check it out at this link:

More coming soon!

WEquil Capital Initiatives

You can learn more about WEquil Capital at

WEquil Capital is launching a newsletter which you can sign up for at:


WEquil Capital has many research publications and articles on economics, investing, psychology and technology that can all be found on

WEquil Capital invites anyone who is curious and would like to learn and collaborate with others to join brain trust where people discuss ideas and thoughts relating to investing.

WEquil Capital also has several YouTube podcasts and videos talking about all topics relating to investing that you can see at

Every Thursday at 5:00 PM EST WEquil.Capital hosts a happy hour where anybody can come to discuss investing. The link to join is provided here:

WEquil Startups Initiatives

We have many amazing innovators and entrepreneurs working with us on various initiatives. Here are just a few that have been exceptional in our team. Several of which have been on the Innovator Series. You can check them out here:

Our Innovators Symposium is a monthly meetup where innovators and entrepreneurs come together to discuss a wide range of topics including innovation in the future economy, collaboration opportunities, youth entrepreneurship, and much more!

You can sign up for our Innovators Symposium here:

FlutGo is a Global Flutter marketplace enabling Flutter developers from all over the world to connect with entrepreneurs to find collaboration opportunities personalized to their skill set. They can build out a digital resume and display which skill sets they have within Flutter through proof by demonstration.

You can learn more about how we are building this initiative here:

WEquil Startups provides much more then just building Flutter applications. You can learn more about how we are helping entrepreneurs here:

We are using many Google powered software solutions to help Founders including Flutter, Firebase and Google Cloud. Google provides a wide range of tools and functionality allowing you to take your business to the next level.

Frazier and Nisha are working together to build out Youth Entrepreneurship opportunities for ambitious young people to start their own startup. This program would help them with creating a website, find users, get seed funding, grow their following, connect with experienced entrepreneurs and innovators, and more!

Blend & Mix is a startup lead by Aila, a 9 year old passionate about health. Chinedu is the lead developer for Blend & Mix and the MVP app will soon be ready for testing. What Blend & Mix does is allows for people to personalize their own smoothies to iterate and improve to their perfect smoothie.

4.4 million US workers quit their job in 2021. This is resulting in an explosion in the number of startups and entrepreneurs. WEquil Startups is helping these Founders and innovators. Learn more at

YouTube Series

WEquil Group has multiple YouTube series all hosted at

The first is WEquil Live which airs every morning at 8:00 AM EST where we talk about various things within WEquil Group, philosophy, psychology, latest events, and more!

The next YouTube series is Rethinking Education with podcasts, interviews and more all relating to rethinking the way we educate, and how human learn best:

This upcoming YouTube series will include conversations between kids and adults or between kids about various subjects.

The last YouTube Series we have is the Innovator Series. This series includes interviews with entrepreneurs, innovators, and leading minds. A new episode premiers every Monday at 5:00 PM EST, if you are an innovator and would like to be a part of this series, reach out to us!


You can join our community at

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