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Welcome to WEquil.School!

Dear Parents,

During the pandemic my sister Aila and I created our own virtual learning community WEquil School to help kids learn independently. GoGuardian interviewed us about in June of 2020 if you want the background story. What started as a necessity during the lockdowns became an opportunity to learn, grow and create by doing real things to prepare for the real world. We began learning full time without grades or a curriculum by writing stories, building apps, teaching classes, scientific research, performing arts, applied mathematics, organizing clubs, filming documentaries and starting businesses!

When our school opened up we decided not to go back. We wrote a letter titled, "Dear Public Education System" listing our reasons why. In that letter we invited leaders of our school district to speak with us about our learning community and project-based learning (PBL) approach to education. Someone did...and after hearing us out they admitted that they homeschooled their kids for some of the same reasons.

So we never went back to public school...a place most kids admit makes them tired, stressed, and bored. Now we help other families learn to let go of grades and standardized curriculums by embracing their natural curiosity...with help. If that sounds too good to be true, sign up for our free week long trial! What have you got to lose!

Step one is helping kids learn to take charge so parents can be coaches instead of policeman. Becoming an adult means taking responsibility, and we have a Creative Learning Process that does just that. We also wrote an article on how parents can discover great project ideas on their own! Our goal is to help your if you can do it on your own then we support you!

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