Tsunamis are one of the most dangerous natural disasters. Tsunamis are basically a big wave that can grow bigger than a six story hotel. We’ll talk about what causes them, how to survive one, and signs of one coming.

Tsunamis are big waves that can wipe out cities. Tsunamis can come in two forms such as an inland tsunami, this is the most dangerous type. An inland tsunami is caused by a landslide or a mudslide that hits a lake on a large body of water that causes a displacement causing a tsunami. Another form is a regular tsunami which is caused by earthquakes in the ocean that would cause a tremor in the water causing a tsunami.

Tsunamis are very dangerous, they can cause major floods in the space of minutes. The safest place to be in a tsunami is on high ground. In this case it would be the top floor of a building. If one is coming get to the highest ground posible. If you are safe on the top floor don’t leave until the all clear is given because tsunamis don’t come in one wave but many. Tsunamis are one of the most dangerous natural disasters because of the riptide and force of the waves. The riptide and force work together to make a tsunami a powerful natural disaster. The force destroys and tears down buildings and the riptide is so powerful not even a motor boat could break the riptide. Tsunamis may look fun to surf but are not for if you surf it when the wave crashes you will be pulled underwater and hit with debris. If you're surfing and a tsunami is coming and you can't get back on time, surf out of the path of the wave and you will survive.

There are many signs of a tsunami, one of the signs is that the water on the beach suddenly starts to draw out to sea. What makes inland tsunamis so dangerous is there are no signs. Another sign is if you see a water barrier on the horizon this would be the wave forming.

I hope this helped you learn more about tsunamis and what damage they can cause. I hope this was valuable information on those who are in tsunami zones where tsunamis can form. If you want to learn about other natural disasters check out my article on The Hurricane And Tornado Scales.