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To the Overwhelmed Mama

You are serving your children in the role of an angel, and I see you.

You're wearing so many hats, and I see your overwhelm, but most importantly, I see the love for your children in your eyes.

I'm writing to you today as your biggest cheerleader, your biggest advocate, your sister, and as your support system.

As you navigate being a mom in 2020, the experiences of connection with your children are both beautiful- and overwhelming. It's a nonstop spin cycle, and I want you to feel the release of sharing your overwhelm and leaning on those who see you through grace.

Whether your littles or teens are in public school, private school, charter school, homeschool, or a hybrid of any of these worlds, I want you to know that you are serving your family beautifully and that you are not alone.

I encourage you to connect with other mamas and to connect with support systems for the educational journey of your learners.

When I know something, I help people, and I know that my educational company can and will serve as tutors, teachers, mentors, advocates, coaches and more with such grace, empathy and understanding. We see you. We see your families, and we want to join together as one. Reimagine what is possible in our new normal, and the support system of my compassionate team is a life changing experience not only for your learners but for you, too.

Connect with those who speak life into you. Through positive energy, grace, and servant leadership, I have cultivated a community of thriving families who can do anything. We believe that you and your children should see yourselves as God sees you, which is in His image. You are beautiful, and you are not alone.

Fear not.

Lean into the support that is here for you.

Don't hesitate to reach out. I'll keep showing up consistently to serve you.

I'm putting it into the universe that I want to connect with exactly YOU.

Lots of love,

Mrs. Evelyn Educates


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