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The Treasure Conundrum

In this article I will be talking about the treasure conundrum! I like conundrums because it is a fun way to help learn how to dig deeply into trying to find good reasons to help you argue your point, which can come in handy in a lot of situations in your life. This conundrum goes like this: One day some important treasure was found! Three people helped to uncover this treasure. First is the researcher, the researcher dedicates a lot of time to find the map and eventually achieves her goal. Next is the translator, once the map is found the translator is the only person who can decode the map. And lastly the treasure hunter overcomes a lot of hard tasks in order to find the treasure. Who do you think gets the most gold? I think the translator and here’s why.

The Researcher: even though the researcher worked hard to find the map it would have been completely useless without the translator. Also it would have been unlikely that the researcher ever found it in the first place.

The Treasure Hunter: the treasure hunter did face challenges but the whole time she was completely dependent on the translators map a would not have been able to have even started the journey without it.

The Translator: The reason I think the translator should get the most gold is because if he had not translated the map then they would not have been able to find the treasure at all. Also it states crealy in the video that he was the only person in the world that could have decoded the map whereas the other two candidates could have been more easily replaced if needed. The translator must have done a lot of research and work to his goal and that is why I think it should be him!

I hope you liked my article about the treasure conundrum! If you are interested in more check out this article about The Blue Comet Conundrum.



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