The Rules of Soccer

Today we’ll be learning all the rules of soccer. We’ll be talking about the things you can and can’t do.

Some of the rules apply only to certain players like, you can’t touch the ball with your hands unless you are the goalkeeper and you are in the goalie box. if you touch the ball with your hands the other team will be given a hand ball in this case where you touched the ball the other team gets a free kick. The only time you are allowed to kick the ball from an out is if your team has received a corner kick in this case a corner kick will be given when the other team kicks the ball out on their side of the field. When your team has been given a throw in you have to throw the ball over your head with two hands and you can’t jump. Penalty kicks are given if you foul someone in the goalie box or if you use your hands in the box and are not the goalie.

There are rules on hurting anybody, if you push, hit, trip or hurt someone they are awarded a foul or a free kick. If you foul someone on purpose you will be given a yellow card If you get two yellow cards you will be given a red card. If you hurt someone really bad you will be given a red card. If the referee is hit with the ball the team that was in control of the ball gets the ball back when the referee drops the ball. If you are past the defence on the other team and you are given or a teammate pases the ball to you are offsides, this is a rule because if you could do this you would just be one on one with the goalie all the time. All these rules are applied to keep the players safe and to keep the game fair.

I hope you learned something more about soccer today. Now you know all the rules of soccer. Hope you enjoyed.