The Positions In Soccer

There are many different roles in soccer. We’ll be talking about all of them and I hope you have fun. The role of offence is a really important role in soccer. The offence is trying to work together to score a goal. The offence always takes the penalty kicks. It is the offence's Job to score goals and help the team win.

The midfield is both offence and defence. They cover the middle of the field and usually they are the role that runs the most. The midfield runs the most because they have to run to help the offence score a goal. But they have to run back to help the defence if needed.

The defense's role is to make sure the other team can't shoot at the goal. Usually the defence wins and keeps them from scoring. This makes the defence the second most important role in soccer. The most important role in soccer is the goalie. The goalie is trying to block any shots on goal; this makes the goale the most important role in soccer. The goalie is the only one who is allowed to use they're hands as long as they are in the goalie box.

I hope you had fun reading this article. All the roles work together as a team in soccer to win. Just like in life if we work together we will win.