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The Hamburger Model

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

By: Aila McPhail

Hello! Today I will be talking about Positive Psychology and we will talk about three things. The Hamburger Model and who created the hamburger model, the hedonism and rat race burger, and lastly the detriment and happiness burger! I hope you enjoy!

This is a mental model called the “Hamburger Model.” This model was created by Tal Ben Shahar who is an entrepreneur who created the Happiness Study Academy (HSA). You can watch the video below or read my takeaways. The hamburger model is not only for hamburgers. It can be for many different things in life. People make many decisions in life. And sometimes it is not the best one.

Every once in a while people might choose to do something that is not good for you, but right then it feels good. Things like playing a video game, or watching TV. That hamburger is the hedonism burger. And there are also things that are good for you but you do not enjoy doing them such as studying for lots of boring exams, or not having dessert. That is the rat race burger.

There are also things that you don't like doing but it also doesn't help you in the future. Things like feeling bad that you did something mean to another person or maybe you are having a bad day. That is the detriment burger. And last but not least, there are things that you enjoy doing and it also helps you in the future. Things like spending time with your friends or reading a book that you like to read. That is the happiness burger.

Thank you for reading my post about the hamburger model! Stay safe!



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