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The Gifted Game

The Gifted Game is a role play game I created with a few of my friends a couple years ago. The basic story is that there is a bad guy called the It and it is trying to get all of the elemental orbs. The elemental orbs represent all of the elements and if you are holding the elemental orb for water, you could then control the element water. Having all the orbs would make you unstoppable.

The god, Ash, gifts four kids certain powers and those children will now have their mission in life to be to stop the It. That is where the game gets its name since the four kids (called the First Four) are gifted those powers.

This story is about the First Four and is not completed yet and I hope to continue adding to it in the future.

Chapter 1

The first four were an odd sight. They were sitting in a rare silence doing random, odd things. Enchantic was doing homework (as always). Shadow was sitting in a pool of water wondering why he was wet… because he “clearly” drank from the right side of the cup. Luna was quickly trying to finish up what she called, “useless human homework”. Skyler was hugging a bottle of ketchup. None of them thought that they were normal. In fact, everybody had different opinions about the group. Enchantic thought that they were “smart”. Shadow would call them wet. Luna assumed they were fetch. Skyler would describe them as… po-ta-to.

Although these kids looked as though they could use some serious help… they had probably one of the most important jobs possible. The world, and it’s fate was held in the hands of these exact, weird looking kids. Enchantic was covered in math problems with math tournament sweaters, pants, socks, shoes, shirts, etc. Shadow was… well… wet. Luna was a short teen with short hair and big circular glasses. Skyler was about the size of a fake garden gnome that people sometimes put in their gardens.

Their whole purpose in life was, presumably, to defeat the It and it’s evil plan. Although none of them would admit it, they were all terrified. Even though they were called the First Four, they were actually the “Fourth Four”. There were multiple attempts to defeat the It, and all had failed. All sets of the First Four were killed. And as the fourth attempt, yeah, they were terrified.



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