The Game of Soccer

Today I’ll be teaching you the game of soccer. We’ll be talking about the goal of the game, and the setup.

The goal of soccer is to kick the ball into the other team's goal. Each team has a goalkeeper that is trying to keep the ball out of the goal. By the end of the game the team with the most goals wins.

The game usually goes for ninety minutes, at the forty five minute mark halftime is called. Each team plays with eleven players on the field (including the goalkeeper). Each team is trying to work together to score a goal. In a championship if by the end of a game the two teams are tied the play fifteen minutes of extra time, if at the end of extra time they are still tied they will play more extra time, if they are still tied they will go to a penalty shootout, in a shootout each team has five shots whoever scores the most goals in the shootout wins.

Now you know how to play soccer and the basic setup. I love soccer and wanted to share it with others which is why I wrote this article. Soccer can help people learn to work together. It also can help people learn important values in their life, like leadership, and integrity I hope you use these values In your life.