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The Entertainer ESFP

Entertainers are “spontaneous, energetic and enthusiastic people - life is never boring around them.” ESFP is one of the sixteen personality types of Myers-Briggs personality test, which represents extroverted, sensing, feeling and perceiving. In Myers-Briggs test, sensing people tend to live in the now and enjoy facts and perceiving people prefer things to be flexible and spontaneous. Famous entertainers are Pippin from the Lord of the Rings and Captain Marvel. In this article I will discuss entertainers’ main characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, and friendships.

Some characteristics of an entertainer. Entertainers are likely to jump at opportunities to have fun even when it is not planned, like staying up to have game night or watch a movie. They are also extremely energetic most of the time. Entertainers are very social and love the spotlight and being the center of attention. Next, they find it easier to be aware of others’ emotions and are the first to help someone, and give them emotional support. Sometimes they can get too caught up with the moment they may forget or neglect responsibilities that might be important. Lastly, analyzing things and repetitive tasks aren’t easy at all for entertainers.

Now that you know the characteristics of the Entertainer personality type, here’s the strengths and weaknesses. Entertainers are bold, original, have excellent aesthetics and showmanship, they are practical, observant and have amazing people skills. These are great traits, but there are also some weaknesses of entertainers including sensitivity. This can make it hard to take feedback. They are conflict averse, easily bored, poor long-term planners, and can be very unfocused. Entertainers truly live in the moment which makes them lively social butterflies and can make any room more cheerful. But this has long-term unintended consequences that can lead to regret. For example If you're too busy having fun in the moment and disregard your responsibilities it could have consequences in the future.

Entertainers have social circles that stretch far and wide. They enjoy exploring the pleasures of life and the only thing better than that is bringing others along for the ride. Entertainers love adventure and will attract many people because of their excitement and spontaneity making everything around them more energetic. However, Entertainers may have a hard time keeping the friends they have by wearing out their sense of adventure. Some personalities just can’t keep up with Entertainers' never-ending excitement and energy and may mistake them for pleasure-centric and only care about themselves. This could not be further from the truth as Entertainers care deeply for their friends and try their best to be supportive and encouraging. “For Entertainers, there’s no point in living if you can’t feel alive.”

Myers-Briggs personality test provides a baseline to understand yourself and others. These results are based on your answers to the questions. Your answers may change overtime as you are having new experiences and growing and maturing. For example, one weakness for entertainers is easily distracted, however as you learn to reduce your distractions and focus better, you may test differently. Additionally, entertainers tend to be perceiving, most children will be perceiving before they learn how to manage time and organize. Without good time management and organization, life would be chaotic and difficult. One important note is not to use the perceiving preference as an excuse for learning basic time management and organization skills.


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