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The Effects of TV on Children

In this article I will be sharing with you my thoughts about the effects of TV and screen time on kids! I Started this article because me and my brother decided to challenge ourselves and play a history video game and no others for a month because it was more educational. I hope you learn a lot and have fun reading this article. I hope that you take what you learn from this article and use it to help others in your life.

TV can be bad for kids because It slows their growth and development. Studies show that you shouldn’t let your kid have any screen time under the age of two. After the age of two, and even then, you should limit their screen time. Screen time can have very bad effects on children because it slows their growth.

The average kid says 1000 words with their parents each day. But too much screen time can reduce 1000 words to 200 words. The content can matter. Violent shows and games can make kids fight and act crazy. Kids who have too much screen time are less interactive and they explore and play less. These are all the effects of having too much screen time.

This is a test scientists did with mice. Mice have two competing instincts. One is to avoid the middle of any room because being in the middle is risky and the other is to go in the middle at some point for food and to explore their environment. The mice who didn’t watch tv stayed to the sides most of the time but the ones who watched the tv most of their childhood were equally in the middle as the sides. Then they put a mouse in a box with two objects so it will get to know the objects and an hour later they replaced one object. The normal mouse will spend more time on the new object. While the tv mouse will spend equal time on the objects as if I didn’t know the difference. From these experiments we learn that if we and mice have too much screen time we explore and interact with other people less.

I hope you learned a lot reading this article. I hope that now you know the effects of screen time on young children. I hope that you will take action after learning these thing about screen time and the open field test with the mice. I hope you enjoyed this article. I hope you take action after reading this article.



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