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The Digitization of Organizations

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

In this article I will be talking about the digitization of organizations. Specifically, how organizations are becoming more digitized, the impact, and why it is relevant. Technology is changing the world and this new ability to connect with anyone around the world who has an internet connection is impacting things from job opportunities to creating massive and new kinds of organizations and communities.

How are organizations becoming more digitized? One of the main things that caused people to become more dependent on our digital tools such as phones and computers was the pandemic. Once people realized that we could still function relying on these tools, people started using them for a lot of other things such as learning, working, meetups, and entertainment. Also, because we are now able to communicate with people around the world it is a lot easier for people that live in third world countries to get jobs from developed countries. More and more kids these days homeschool, and are mostly relying on the internet to receive their education so platforms like khan academy come in more use.

The impact. Now that a lot of organizations are becoming more digital, people everywhere can work together creating job opportunities for people around the world! This leads to organizations becoming bigger and bigger because there is such a small limit to how many people you can reach. There is a lot of demand for these kinds of products and Technology solutions are becoming very powerful so companies like Apple and Microsoft are becoming more powerful too!(This is not investing advise)

Why is this important? There are many reasons why learning about the digitization of organizations is important. One of the big reasons why is because technology is getting better and better and people are depending on it more and more. This leads to these tools becoming more and more relevant in our daily lives. Since technology is becoming so important we should try to find out the benefits and downsides of this new revolution. Thank you for reading my article about the digitization of organizations! I hope you found this helpful and now understand that this is a very important topic and why. If you're interested in this, then you can check out another article about the First Principles of a Successful Organization!



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