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The Creative Learning Process

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

By: Aila McPhail

Hello everybody! This is Aila. Today I will be teaching you about what the creative learning process is, why it is so important to Makeshift Homeschool, and how to use it to grow other people and ourselves. I hope you enjoy!

The creative learning process is where we ask the kid ”What are you interested in?”, “Why?” and ”How do you want to share with others?”. By doing this you can get kids excited about their passions and then want to create. By asking kids “how do you want to share with others?” they realize that they have a voice and want to use it.

The Creative Learning Process is important to Makeshift Homeschool because it is our way of discovering what kids are passionate about and empowering them to create and learn. Kids also are more interested in what they are doing when they are working on something they are passionate about. Every person is different, and the Creative Learning Process helps tailor projects to peoples unique interests.

The creative learning process helps other people and ourselves three different ways:

  1. It helps other people by giving them the inspiration and empowerment to create.

  2. And it also gives ourselves the inspiration and empowerment to create.

  3. Also when you do the creative learning process with someone it helps you know way more about that person

Thank you for reading my post about the creative learning process. My family made a video about the creative learning process. here is the link to check it out! Stay safe!


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