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The Big Bang

Hi, in this article I am talking about the big bang. Now...I'm not talking about the tv show that our parents watch, I'm talking about the theory. The big bang started the universe. It is theorized that the big bang happened 13.8 billion years ago. I will talk about why it is important, what it is, and just how much happened in the universe before humans evolved.

The big bang is when the universe began. It started with the 2 lightest elements, helium and hydrogen. They started getting thrown together by gravity and created the 2 next lightest elements, and then the 2 lightest elements from that, and so on. What happened before the big bang? Time and space didn’t exist before the big bang. So essentially there was nothing before the big bang. The big bang was when both time, and space were created. It expanded from something a whole bunch of times smaller than an atom to about the size of a grapefruit in the first fraction of a second. In that second all but a billionth of the matter created in the big bang universe was destroyed. And that billionth of the matter, is every computer you will ever see, all the water you will ever drink, everything.

The big bang is important to learn about because it was the beginning of everything. If we can figure out more about the big bang, then maybe we could start another universe or something! The big bang is also important to learn about because it could also help to learn about carbon which could end the universe, but also is most of the universe. If we use too much coal, we could pollute the planet(and make everything go extinct) and/or deplete the earth of coal. So, that is why it is important to explore the big bang.

The universe started 13.8 billion years ago. Humans only existed for 5 million years. That's only about 1/2760th of the time that the universe has existed! So a LOT of things happened before humans were born, including dinosaurs, the ice age, and lots of other prehistoric stuff. Before humans, there were so many animals, plants, and single celled organisms lived and died! At one time, the earth was just a lava lake with thousands of feet high volcanoes! At a different time the earth was frozen over! That shows just how tiny we humans are! We're just a speck of dust floating around the universe!

I hope you liked this article and learned a lot! In this article I talked about what the big bang is, why it is important, and just how much really did happen before humans! Do you believe in the big bang theory or do you think something else happened? If you do think something else happened, what do you think happened? Thanks for reading!



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