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The Advocate INFJ

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

By Sumay and Cadence

“Quiet and mystical, yet very inspiring and tireless idealists.” Today we will be talking about one of the 16 personalities in the Myres Briggs personality test, the Advocate. The letters of an Advocate are INFJ which I will be talking about more in depth in this article. The main topics I will cover are characteristics of Advocates, strengths and weaknesses, and friendships. Famous advocates include Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, and Aragorn from Lord Of The Rings.

The Advocates four letters are introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging. The advocate personality is very rare only making up 1% of the world. Which is about seventy four million people. That’s not even enough to replace the population of Japan! Advocates are passionate about helping people and doing the right thing. They are very principled in what they believe is right and have a concrete idea of what they perceive as good. Most Advocates say that helping others is what gives them purpose in life. Advocates have a knack for knowing what someone is feeling at first glance but can often feel misunderstood since it is hard to find people like them. Advocates can be extremely soft-spoken but will almost always assert themselves when standing up for what they think is right and what they are very passionate about.

So what are advocates' strengths and weaknesses? The strengths of Advocates include: creativity, insightfulness, principled, passionate and altruistic. The weaknesses that advocates have are: sensitivity to criticism, extremely private, perfectionistic, avoiding the ordinary, and can burn out easily. Advocates are extremely passionate about helping people and doing the right thing, but since they are perfectionistic they can set unrealistic expectations and become disappointed when they fall short. Because of Advocates passion they can be sensitive to criticism because they take it too much to heart and feel as though it is a huge problem with themselves even if the criticism may not be accurate.

Advocates crave a deep and authentic relationship with their friends. This causes them to rarely settle on relationships just because they are convenient. Advocates love to connect with people over shared interests and passions and find it extremely fulfilling to have discussions on philosophies, ideas, and theories. Because of Advocates idealism they have an extremely high bar hoping to find someone with the exact same interests, passions, willingness to discuss ideas and theories, and love for helping people. This may make Advocates feel as though they need to be content with friendships that they aren't happy with, or “accept being alone.” Once Advocates do find the person they are looking for they are extremely loyal and authentic with them.

Advocates are passionate individuals and have a strong sense of idealism. They can be soft spoken but will assert themselves about things they care about the most. Advocates have a very high bar for what they do themselves, and their friends. This can lead to a disappointment in themselves when they make mistakes and cause them to feel hurt when their friends fail them. As creative and insightful individuals they will often take a different road than others if they find it to be more in line with their principles and passions. Thank you for reading about the Advocate INFJ, if you liked this article you can check out some of my other articles on different personalities.

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