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Adventures of Stuffy McLu

Hello World!

My name is Aila and I am the author of the "Adventures of Stuffy McLu". These are true stories from my childhood. Stuffy McLu is my bear (picture below). We do everything and go everywhere together. My five adventures are also Stuffy's adventures...hence the title. Feel free to share your feedback so I can improve my writing.

I hope you enjoy our stories!


Adventure #1: Stuffy Builds An Igloo With Her Dad

Once upon a two years ago, I looked outside my window and there was SOOOOOOOOOO much snow! I was so excited I wanted to scream! My feet rushed down the stairs and then I hurried over to the kitchen table. I needed to eat my breakfast quick so that I could get dressed in my winter cloth. Once I finished my breakfast I ran to my room and put on my snow pants, my vest, my snow coat, my mittens, my hat, and then my BIG FLUFFY BOOTS! I went down stairs and daddy was there, he told me that he was thinking about building an IGLOO!

“Made out of snow?" I ask him. I think he thinks I am joking because of course he is making it out of snow. Everything outside is covered with snow, what else would he make it out of. I agree to help him make the igloo, mostly because I want to know how he would make it. When my dad finished his breakfast I went outside, it was so cold.

My boost squished against the snow making soft crunching noises. Soon my dad came, he was wearing his winter jacket. My dad told me that I can play in the snow even though I said that I was going to help with the igloo unless I wanted to. I did not want to help with the igloo. So I made little snow mountains and snow mans the whole time. It took a long time for my dad to build an igloo. But after a while he got it finished!

I know just what to do, I pull the sled out from under the shed. I want to go sledding! My sister and I take turns sledding down the top of the igloo until my dads beloved igloo is just a pile of snow.

The End


Adventure #2: Chinese Dwarf Hampsters!

My dad is coming into the house he is carrying a big box. He says to my sister and I that it is a surprise and we cannot go into the basement until he says we can. While my dad is working on his surprise in the basement. I try to guess the surprise I guess, a puppy, a toy kitchen, a ballet bar, another really fluffy love-sac pillow, I guess a lot of things, but none of them seem right. I keep thinking and thinking “what could it be?” I say to myself. Meanwhile my highest answer is a toy kitchen, but why would he put it in the basement? And my sister

does not like toy kitchens. And the surprise whatever it is is for both of us so it is not a toy kitchen.

Then after a longtime he finally came up into the main floor. He told us we can come into the basement and see the surprise. I am glad because if he told any later I would EXPLODE! I go down the stairs and me and my sister race to the surprise and can you guess what it is … IT IS TWO CHINESE DWARF HAMSTERS! I ask my dad “can I pet one” he says I can I am so happy!

The End


Adventure #3: Stuffy Builds a Castle With Her Family

Once upon a three years ago, I woke up on a cold winter break morning and went downstairs to eat my breakfast. The whole family was there. I must have woken up late if they were all there. I hurried over to the breakfast table and started eating. My dad was talking to my mom. I was not sure what they were talking about, but I think it was something related to cardboard. My dad told me that he would tell me later. So when everyone was done eating, I did my chores and then I went in my room to play. I played with my magnet blocks, legos, big legos, and my stuffed animals. Then my dad finally came into my room and told me what we are going to do.

My mom, dad, sister, and me were all going to build a castle. I asked, ”what are we going to build it out of?” My dad said, “we are going to build it out of cardboard”. He told me we are going to have a second floor, then I squealed! Then I realized that cardboard was not sturdy enough for a second floor. When he saw my confused look he told me he would use some metal pieces to make it sturdy. After we were done talking about the castle, we went in the basement with my mom and my sister and we started building the castle.

Me and my sister cut strips with the square humps that are supposed to go on the top of the castle. My dad told us that we are doing a great job. While we are working my dad tells me and my sister that we are going to have a slide coming from the top of the castle and for us to go to the tool room and get a long rectangular piece of wood to be the slide. We worked for a few more hours and then we finished it. It looked AMAZING!

The End.


Adventure #4: Stuffy Catches a Bunny

One upon a few years ago on a normal day I woke up lazy enough to fall back asleep it was spring break so who cared if I did. Any ways I went downstairs to eat my breakfast today my mom made breakfast I can tell because I smell fresh Chinese pancakes coming from the kitchen I quilly ran over to the table and started eating I think I am going to play but after breakfast daddy has an announcement, WE ARE GOING TO CATCH A BUNNY!!

Then I ask “how are we going to catch the bunny?” he says we are going to do it with furniture. “What type of furniture?” I ask. And this time he says we are going to use a clean empty trash can and some help from me and my sister! Then we head over to a trash can that we never use. We look inside.”It looks pretty clean to me.” I say. Then my dad says ”let’s use it!”. By the way the whole time we were talking about this my big sister was there because she will help a lot with catching the bunny.

Mom walks in and asks what we are doing. When we tell Mom the plan she says she wants to help. I suggest she finds out what bunnies eat. She agrees! So anyways we walk outside and start looking all over for a bunny. We find one is the bushes next to our house. Dad sets the trashcan down by the bush and puts some cabbage in it from our fridge. He tells me to wait behind the trash can until Sumay signals that the bunny is inside. I can't see the bunny because I'm hidden behind the trashcan. So I wait...for a LONG TIME!

Finally, Sumay gets excited and yells NOW! I push the lid over and Dad runs to my side lifting the trash can. We look inside and there she is! It took three hours but we caught a baby bunny! Dad made a home inside the house using a tarp and some cardboard. I ask Dad, "Can I hold the bunny?" He says yes.

The End


Adventure #5: Stuffy Makes a Pie With Her Mom

Just one year ago I woke up on a normal weekend morning, on a Saturday and I was thinking about baking. I do not know why I was just thinking about it. I went downstairs to eat my breakfast, today my mom made breakfast. I can tell because I smell sweet dumplings coming from the kitchen, my mom says good morning to me as she sets the plate of dumplings on the table. I grabbed four or five of them and set them on my plate, then I get a fork and start eating. We talked for a while and then I went in my room to play. I read on Myon (a reading app that some schools can use.) I read the story "Kylie jean cooking queen". In the book the main character is making a pie and it is a pecan pie and there is an instruction page and this is what it looks like

Do you know what I am thinking? I am thinking that me and my mom can make a pie using the instructions, because my mom is a very good cook but she did not have a lot of experience baking but we had the instructions so we could do it. I went down stairs and told my mom the news. I crossed my fingers behind me… AND THEN SHE SAID YES!!!!!!! Then we went shopping for the ingredients. When we got home we spread out all the ingredients on the kitchen counter and we started cooking, we got a big bowl out and we mixed all the ingredients in the bowl and then we poured all of the mixture onto the crust and then we put it into the oven and then we waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and then it was finally done. My mom pulled it out of the oven and just for the final touch I sprinkled a few chocolate chips on top it looked beautiful!

The End

The Christmas gift reading spot

Once upon a time, I woke up on my normal schedule. It was a Sunday. I was sad because tomorrow I had to go to school. Anyways, I went downstairs to eat my breakfast. Today I had to make my own breakfast, so I got a plate and then I got the bag of Rosemary bread and I got the butter. Can you guess what I was going to make? I was going to make a butter bread sandwich. I ate my sandwich and then I did my chores. I was going to go play in my room, but then my dad came out of the office, he told my mom and me that my dad and my sister were going shopping for presents for me and my mom, so they went out the front door. While they were gone me and my mom tried to guess what the presents were, but we did not think that we had any good answers.

After that my dad called us, he told us to go in the basement, because they needed to go in my room without me and my mom seeing them. I read for a while and then my mom made me do math for a while then I wanted to play outside but I needed socks to go outside, so I went up into the main floor. My room is on the very top floor, I called my dad to bring me a pair of socks, since I can not go up there on the very top floor since they are doing the presents. Then he came with a pair of socks for me. I put them on and I put on my other warm clothes and go outside. I play on the swing when my mom rakes leaves finally my dad and my sister com out and they tell us to com into my room they cover my eyes as I feel my feet walking across the wood flor of my own room then suddenly they uncover my eyes and this is what I see a reading spot!!!!!! I jump on one of the fluffy chars and grab a book

and start reading!


Thank you for your interest. Please let me know what you think of my adventures.


Aila McPhail



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