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PrinciplesYou Personality Test

In this article, I will discuss what the PrinciplesYou personality test is, and why I recommend it as a learning tool. PrinciplesYou was created by Ray Dalio the Founder of Bridgewater, a successful hedge fund. PrinciplesYou was built to help people learn what they are really like and how they relate to others. You can take the test by going to this link:

There are many personalities in the PrinciplesYou test. My personality from the test is the entertainer. Because everybody is different they give you percentages in your test results! Even though sometimes your results are not completely accurate, it still helps you learn a lot more about yourself and how you can improve!

One unique feature of the PrinciplesYou test is that it lets you compare your personality with other people in your network. Please feel free to take the test yourself and compare results! You can invite friends by going down to the “Manage Friends” section. To compare with friends go to the “Compare Friends” section and select the friend you would like to compare with. It is an extremely useful tool to map out your differences and similarities and how that plays out in your relationship. Here are some screenshots of my comparison with my sister:

Why is it important and why should you take the test? Because the personality test helps you learn more about yourself it can also help learn more about how you can improve and your strengths. In order to learn how you can uniquely add value to the world using your natural strengths and interests, you have to learn about yourself. And a great first step to do this is taking personality tests because it helps get you thinking about your natural tendencies, and how you relate to other people.



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