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Power Pose

What if you could improve your mood and become a more powerful person in just 2 minutes? can!

Amy Cuddy gave a TED talk about it the year I was born, in 2012, but I only just discovered it. What she found is a connection between our body language and our mood.

Intuitively we know that when we feel good or bad we tend to exhibit these emotions through our body language. When you are making yourself small, or doing certain things like hugging yourself as you scrunch up in a ball, that makes you feel sad. When

you do high power poses you tend to be more confident or happy.

Scientists have found that blind and people that are not blind will always do the pose (in the picture below) when they accomplish something. Even the blind people that didn't see any other people do it still did the pose. This proves that people do certain poses with their body to show what their emotions are, and this gives another reason why the Ted talk that Amy Cuddy did is helpful!

Thank you for reading this post about a way our bodies and minds work together. Stay safe and have a great day!


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