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My name is Petra and this is my Player Character project for the roleplay game Lusa and the Last Winter roleplay series. My character's name is Petra and my power is Earth. I was walking down the road one day as a baby dragon. I was alone and frail. I hadn't eaten in days which made me collapse. when I woke up I saw two humans over me. “Oh darling look at this, a baby dragon that has lost her way!” a woman exclaimed “Lets keep her for a little while until we can find her owners” the man said. I didn't understand much and my head was aching. The man picked me up and brought me to a tower. “For now let her rest, then we can introduce her to the other gem keepers.” Now I am a gem keeper, I never knew who my first owners were but I do know this is where I belong.

Character Details:

Roleplay Game: Lusa and the Last Winter

Occupation: Healer

Dragon Breed: Earthflower

Personality Types: ESFP - A



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