My Pick for the Server on WequilCraft

Hi! My name is Benny. Recently, I, my friends Beckett and Cadence on Wequil School have been thinking up a pick for the WequilCraft's Server Hosting website. The Hosting Website I think would do well is Apex Minecraft. If you go on youtube and search 'best server hosting website', I guarantee that Apex Minecraft Hosting will be number #1 on all of the videos that you see, and for good reason too. Apex offers a ton of plans, ranging from $4 - $100 in price, but the funny thing is all of them are amazing. I personally have used these servers with around 20 people, and even on the lowest plan, ($4) there was never any lag and the server never crashed. If we decide to get this server, I think that we should start with a low price option, maybe 20$, and see how it works. If it doesn't, we can always upgrade to a newer plan. Apex offers top-tier Ryzen CPUs, as well as good-for-its-price RAM. You can find the website at and to view the prices, click on "get started". Another thing I forgot to mention is that Apex has hundreds of data servers around the world, to make sure you have extremely low latency. It also offers automated backups, so if someone accidentally does something wrong with the server, we can rewind to the nearest backup. This also has the best-rated Control Panel, so we can instantly implement datapacks or texturepacks, or even mod packs if we see fit. We can stop or start the server at any time, and view or ban anyone even when we are not on the server. We will have access to Console as well, so if anyone is making the server unplayable, for example, if someone is running a command to kill everything every second, we can ban them or temp-ban them.

That concludes everything about Apex Minecraft Hosting, what do you guys think? We are always open to feedback so if you think there is a better hosting website please let us know. Before we make a decision, I, Cadence, and Beckett will all have to agree as well as have the consent of everyone else on the platform. Thank you for reading, and I hope you have fun on our new WequilCraft server!

~ Benny